Can I get my delivery quicker than 7 working days?

Because of our handmade process, and handwritten notecards, it really is quite difficult to get orders out any quicker.  If there is a special occasion - please do email us at hello@southdevonliqueur.com, and we will see what we can do.  There will be a higher charge for postage.

How do I open the liqueur?

Pull the ribbon tie to break the wax seal around the lid.  You should then be able to remove the lid.  Failing this, using a knife you can carefully cut a line around the wax at the level of the ribbon tie, to allow the removal of the lid.

Why is there sediment in the bottle?

Our liqueurs are made using all natural ingredients.  As we pride ourselves on our generous use of fruit, and flowers, there is a natural sediment in the drink.  We recommend shaking the bottle before pouring, and storing in a cool, dark location.

How do the personalised notecards work?

If you select the personalised notecard option, simply add the name of the person for whom the gift is for (e.g. Mary), and we will personalise a notecard with their name, and write a sign-off at the bottom (e.g. Love, Peter).  Something special, with a special message too!

Can I place a bulk order?

Stockists - please get in touch at hello@southdevonliqueur.com