15 More Environmentally Friendly Gift Ideas for Mums

Katie Musgrave

Maybe you are an out-and-out eco-warrior - or maybe you are just sick of the waste at Christmas.  Perhaps you are thinking, this year, you might go for a slightly more environmentally friendly approach.

With kids, at times it is hard to find eco-friendly gifts (although preloved gifts can be amazing!).  But, as parents, we can certainly lead the way.   

So here at Mummy's Fruity Gin, we have compiled a list of 15 more environmentally friendly gift ideas for mums.  From low-impact experience gifts, to recycled or ethical products that beat anything on the high street.  Could be a good one to share with floundering family members - a little nudge in the right direction?

Great Recycled Gifts

1.  We simply LOVE the stuff made by Weaver Green - their rugs, blankets, bags and cushions are all made of recycled plastic bottles.  AND they are gorgeous.

2.  Made from 100% recycled newspaper, these placemats by Paper High are vibrant, fun, and low impact.  Every mum knows that a stylish coaster or placemat set is always welcome.  In fact, all of the stuff at Paper High is fairtrade and handmade, so check them out...

Organic, Ethical Companies

3. How about some cosy new bedlinen?  Nothing beats 100% cotton - and especially when it is organic, and fairtrade cotton.  Try White & Green for their great quality bedding, but be warned, they aren’t cheap!

4. Give a gorgeous gift (while encouraging reduced plastic bag use) with these stunning African Print Tote Bags from Lola & Mawu. Made in Ghana by an all-female sewing co-operative, their tote bags are reversible, so that's two bags in one!

5. OK, it's not glamourous, but it could be a lovely stocking filler...  Eddington's Bee's Wrap Honeycomb Reusable Sandwich Wrap is fully biodegradable and compostable.  And did we say you can use it over and over with a simple rinse in soapy water?

6. Another great one for waste reduction - we all know how much mums depend on a caffeine hit to see them through...  How about a reusable coffee mug, like these gorgeous bamboo fibre cups?  Did you know every year 100 billion disposable coffee cups end up as landfill.  Lets make 2019 the year when we don't contribute.

7. Because we can't resist a nice big bag... How about this amazing jute bag from the Future Kept?  It's produced by a fair-trade company working with NGOs and artisan cooperatives in Bangladesh.  You know if you get given this, the person who made it is getting a fair deal.

8. Cosy and practical, no one ever complains about getting nice socks (do they?!).  This gift pack of 7 bamboo blend socks by Thought are sustainable, breathable and oh-so-comfy.  We'd suggest maybe pairing this gift with a voucher for a favourite shoe shop.  We bet you prioritise everyone else's shoes, before your own, all year... 

9. Lather up your 'do' and save the environment too!  These shampoo soap bars by The Printed Peanut smell divine, do a great job of cleaning your hair, and just think of all those plastic bottles you won't need to buy...

Food and Drink Treats

10.  Special cooking equipment - like a Le Creuset casserole dish.  Much better to buy something high quality that lasts.  Great for all the batch-cooking that Dad, or whoever, might fancy doing?

11.  Recycled balloon gin glasses by Graham and Green add a touch of glamour to an evening.  Pair this gift with some craft gin or liqueur, and you will be sure to be onto a winner!  If you are buying spirits or liqueurs - why not support small, artisan producers, as generally speaking you will find we use old-fashioned, handmade methods.  Easy on the environment, yet delicious on the tongue!

Make life easier Treats

12.  Not glamourous - but the Lakeland Heated Clothes Airer is fab, and uses less energy than a tumble drier.  It is obviously always preferable to dry clothes outside, but this is the UK after all...

13.  Nice new laundry basket - make it a BIG one!  These Brunswick Laundry Baskets are handwoven in Senegal using traditional methods.  Even if you already have a laundry basket, you know that any mum will have a use for this one.

Experience Treats

Because we don't always need (or want) more 'stuff'...

14.  How about an IOU of an evening babysitting, plus a voucher for a meal out and cinema tickets with friends?  Many mums will LOVE to have a night off and feel like a normal adult again.  When did you last go to the cinema to see an adult film?!

15.  A special haircut, massage, or manicure.  Or all three?!  Mums classically don't make time for themselves, and it's so important every now and again that they get a rest and a treat. A card with a voucher for one of these, and you know it will be appreciated...


There you have it - just a few ideas for some more environmentally friendly Christmas gifts.  You don't have to spend a fortune to tell someone you love them.  And we certainly don't need to destroy the environment while we are at it.  Let's make 2018 a low impact Christmas!  

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